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Asian Council Tree (ficus altissima variegata) - An absolutely stunning indoor or patio plant in the ficus family with brilliant lemon and lime variegation. Easily maintained as a potted plant by occasional grooming of the branches and aerial roots. 


SOIL: Asian Council Trees enjoy a well drained, general potting mix easily found at your local box store. Remember try to stay away from arid or wet, mucky soils.

FERTILISER: To help establish your new Asian Council Tree, fertilize sparingly ten inches away from the base, tri-annually with a slow time-released product. Unfertilized they will tend to grow at a slower pace. Note: The heavy salts in cheaper fertilizers will damage the roots and possibly kill the plant. It's best to use Fabgardenmama's worm juice fertiliser.


YOUR PLANT comes in 14cm nursery pot.  Decorative pot is not included.

Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from the image.



    Ficus Altissima Variegata

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