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If you find yourself captivated by the calathea maui queen, you are not alone! This gorgeous plant has taken the plant world by storm with its unique cream-coloring down the center of each leaf, as well as the deep purple undersides. The calathea Maui queen is also a rare plant, making it all the more desired.


This plant is part of the Prayer-Plant family, meaning the leaves are lower during the day and rise at night. It’s truly amazing! The cream-colored center that made it famous has a distinct feather pattern that sets it apart. Finally, they can grow to be about 3 feet in height and width when properly cared for indoors.


YOUR PLANT:  14cm nursery pot. The white ceramic pot isn't included. 

Note: Pictures are a guide only, plant size may differ from the image.


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Calathea Maui Queen

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