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Our Plant Care: Chamaedorea elegans

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans) has long been used as an indoor plant. This lovely plant with deep green foliage was first discovered in Central America and brought back to the United States where it immediately became a popular indoor palm. It grows in attractive clumps with light-textured foliage cloaking thin trunks.

It is possible to sometimes find single-stalk specimens, but most often the palms are grown in small clumps so that they resemble palm-like shrubs in attractive pots. The fronds are popular in flower arrangements, Palm Sunday decorations, and wreaths because they can survive for up to 40 days after being cut from the plant. Parlour palm is a slow grower and can take years to reach full height.


Average warmth 18°C and above is fine and no less than 10°C at night.


These are not demanding for the grower when it comes to providing enough light. Any shaded type room will suffice with indirect sunlight.


Watering the parlour palm too much will cause growing problems and could possibly kill it off. Very little is needed in the winter. Making sure the roots have good drainage is something they like.


Feed during spring until fall will do the trick, with FabGardenMama Organic Fertiliser every two weeks.


Spraying a water mist is advisable to improve humidity.


Re-pot only when necessary, like when it becomes pot bound because these do not like being disturbed too often.

Growth rate

These do take time to grow to a full-size plant, as mentioned above. The amount of time may depend on its light conditions. They all need a few years regardless of conditions.

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