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With Ficus Ruby, your space is transformed into a gallery of living wonder. The vibrant hues, reminiscent of precious gems, infuse every corner with a radiant energy that draws the eye and ignites conversations. Elevate your space, evoke emotions, and indulge your senses with Ficus Ruby—a living masterpiece that embodies the essence of nature's artistry, transforming your world into a canvas of vibrant beauty and boundless inspiration.


The Ficus Elastica Ruby, also known as a variegated Rubber tree, is native to tropical regions of India and Malaysia. Its care is similar to Ficus Elastica "Black Knight", however, its unique tri-coloured variegation requires brighter light conditions than the Burgundy variety to keep the colours strong and defined.


YOUR PLANT comes in a 17cm nursery pot.  H: 1 meter high from the topsoil to the top leaf. A decorative pot is not included. Note: The picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from the image.


    Ficus Elastica - Ruby (Large & Tall)

    SKU: FE RUB14
    Only 3 left in stock
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