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Calathea ‘Beauty Star’ or Prayer Plant is a South American native perennial with long, fairly narrow dark green leaves flamboyantly stripped in paler green, silver, and white. The underside is rich purple. 


This Calathea is a cultivar of Calathea ornata, a large group of stripped Calatheas, very popular house plants because of their vivid leaf patterns. Calathea “Beauty Star” belongs to the marantaceae family.  


Like other plants in the marantaceae family, this Calathea has the interesting habit of rising leaves in the morning and lowering them at night, like in prayer, giving it the nickname “prayer plant.” 


The “Beauty Star” Calathea has elegant upright growth and is fairly dense, making a wonderful addition to your collection of Calatheas.


YOUR PLANT comes in a 12cm nursery pot.  Note: The picture is a guide only, the plant size you'll get may differ from the image.


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Calathea Beauty Star

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