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Our Plant Care: Monstera Deliciosa

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


Temperatures between 18-27ºC are ideal. Lower than 18Cº will slow down this plants growth and below 10ºC will stop growth.


A fairly bright room or bright with plenty of shade is best. Direct sunlight will damage the leaves and not enough light can slow growth down.

Water and Food

Between watering times allow the soil to become dry to the touch within the top couple of inches or so of soil. Feed them with FabGardenMama Organic Fertiliser twice a month in the growing season (Spring to Fall).


Average to high room humidity is needed, so you will need to increase the humidity of a normal room. Misting the leaves is helpful.


Re-pot once every two years approximately, during spring.


This plant can easily get out of hand once it has been growing for over 3 years or so and will need cutting back. The ideal method is to cut as many stems as needed away (these can be replanted) at the nodes during spring.

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