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Our Plant Care: Ficus Elastica

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ficus are a beautiful easy care houseplant, and a very popular choice for indoor decor. If allowed, these will grow from a mini shrub to an indoor tree. A range of different coloured leaf varieties, you'll find yourself wanting the whole family!


Average room temperatures of 15 - 24°C are fine. Avoid lower than 12°C),

sudden temperature drops and cold drafts.


A nice brightly lit spot is ideal, without direct sunlight. The more variegated leaves, the lighter the position that the Ficus prefers, although full/direct sun is too much.

Water and Food

Water once the soil becomes slightly dry to the touch and make sure the pot

has sufficient drainage holes to allow excess water to seep through. The worst

thing you can do regarding watering is "give it too much". Feed during spring to fall with FabGardenMama Organic Fertiliser once a week.

Feed with FabGardenMama Organic Fertiliser twice a month during the growing season


Normal room humidity is fine. To improve humidity mist the leaves when it

gets very warm in the summer.


Re-pot once the roots have become pot bound or every year when the plants

are very young, and then once every 3 years after the plant has matured.

I would renew the soil every year.


Once the rubber plant has grown to the height you want it to grow up to,

you can cut the top off. You may also want to prune back any unwanted

branches to give the plant a fuller shape. It's best to prune in spring or

summer but any other time will be fine.

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